Market Minutes: Norfolk


We’ve looked at Chesapeake and Virginia Beach’s housing info for April 2014. Now let’s check out Norfolk. You’ll find the Market Minutes in various forms below, but here’s a sneak peek:


Units Sold:

The number of houses sold in Norfolk during the month of April went up by 29% compared to March. April saw 225 units sold, while in March the number was 175. Compared to April of 2013, last month there was a 10% decrease in the number of units sold. A possible reason for this decrease could be due to fewer distressed properties on the market today.

Days on Market:

In April, the number of days that homes were on the market before being sold was 82. This number did not change much from April of 2013 which was 82.

Median Housing Price:

In April of this year, Norfolk saw a 5% decrease in the median housing price compared to April 2013. Last year the median price was $177,000, while this year in April it was $169,000. That is a decrease in price of $8,000.

Here are Norfolk’s Market Minutes on the web:

Here they are in a PDF:
Norfolk April 2014

And here they are as jpegs:


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