Days on market average for major U.S. cities

Happy Friday All!

Check out today’s infographic brought to you by KCM and Trulia. It shows the average number of days that homes are currently on the market for various major cities across the country. (If the image is too small, click here for a larger version.)

KCM Averge Days on Market 11-2013

According to the key on the map,

Red = 100+ days on market
Yellow = 75 – 100 days on market
Green = Under 75 days on market

When looking at the map, you can see that a lot of the major cities that are red (100+ days) are located in the eastern half of the country, while many of those that are green (under 75 days) are in the western half. The overall average for the U.S. is 86 days on the market. Interesting stuff to look at.

For my local people, check out my website to get the most recent data on our area. Click Market Minutes to find your city. You can view data for the month of October including number of units sold, active inventory, median sales price, and days on market. In addition, you can compare your city to others. Lots of good info there.

Have a great weekend!

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